un paese tutto per te.

"Un paese tutto per te." (A town all for you.) is an artist residency situated in Roccacaramanico and curated by Andrea Croce.
Every year young artists, musicians and researchers from different contexts and backgrounds are invited to dialogue with the identity of the site. The residency takes place on a yearly basis and is held in the summertime, between July and August, though its format is not static, but fluid. Roccacaramanico, a hamlet of the municipality of Sant’Eufemia a Majella (in the province of Pescara, Abruzzo), was left in the ‘60s without its people (who emigrated after the Second World War), counting only one resident at the end of the ‘80s: lady Angiolina. The town in fact was considered a “ghost town”, but in the later years it was rediscovered by families from all over Italy and it came back to life not by neglecting its past identity, but by receiving a new one. Fresh air, holiday mood and social meals become the context in which an open laboratory dimension without constraints develops. Populating of vacationers in the summer, what I’m interested in is to investigate the mood of conviviality, of contact with nature but with city dynamics. I enjoy creating a dimension of open laboratory, without boundries. In each edition I don’t care for talking about a specific theme because there isn’t one. The lazing about in a mundane environment is also one characteristic of the residency that lets artists improvise thoughts and reflect of their own work, even as a game and disengaging from the seriousness often attributed to art. To complete the activiy of the residency the artists dialogue with the territory through site-specific interventions, revealing poetic and also grotesque and contradictory aspects. Lastly, spectators are invited every year to observe the developments of the artworks and enjoy the visual suggestions.

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The residency's house