un paese tutto per te.
unpae / 2019
residency artworks closing

The second edition of ”Un paese tutto per te.” (A town all for you.) confirmed the atmosphere of sharing and light-heartedness that had already emerged in its first edition. The peculiarities of the residency are not about the projects’ development or about the artworks themselves, but rather about the ability of living day by day a sort of productive experience made of dialogues, tales, moments that seem to be suspended in time. In addition to having gotten to know and visit the locations surrounding the hamlet, the artists inhabited the town alongside the vacationers and gradually settled in with the place and among themselves, also facilitated by the cohabitation in close contact inside the small house that hosts the residency: a place where we are crammed in about ten people and we share double beds with more than two people, even three actually! Here a convivial atmosphere is created, in which to confront and share one’s work with other artists and with the casual curious vacationer, as if making art would become something different, something new. This edition’s spirit was fresh, seemingly lighthearted but instead deep, enriched with moments like stargazing with the town’s lights off while listening to our murmoring, besides the natural sounds, a confusing yet familiar murmoring. The artworks that were born during the residency are the result of a research capable of giving back a sense of curiosity: that curiosity is no more than the actual being together during the week and setting aside one’s own daily routine, as it happens on holiday, because it’s actually here where one can comprehend what the everyday life truly is.

Galleggiante ― Float

Alberto Rota
Milk, pluriball, paraffin, container, thread.

Some beans stagnate in milk, in a pond dotted with elements of high symbolic and evocative power.


Chiara Druda
Grinding wheels, stone, rubber bands.

What is repeated, transforming mutates.

Del tempo, dello spirito (luoghi) ― Of time, of spirit (places)

Alberto Rota

Assembled objects form an environment in which the glance distance allows one to notice the particular, but as one gets closer, the defect makes it evident in the gesture of the everyday and in the home dimension.

When the sky grows

Martina Marini Misterioso
Videoinstallation, Honesty (plant), cushion, glitter.

“Spin around while I verify the desire of who remained alone.”
Martina, inspired by the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha, curled up on the ground, awaits for something to come to life in a cycle of sounds and images.

Corsa delle lumache di Roccacaramanico 2019 ― Roccacaramanico’s snails race 2019

Matei Vladimir Colțeanu

Matei twists the dimension of the traditional event by inviting visitors to take part in such grotesque act, which is born from the necessity to remark the conflict between fiction and reality.
(The artist hates Nicholas Bourrioud).

Ciao da Roccacaramanico ― Hello from Roccacaramanico

Alessandro Gabini
Iron wire.

Two hands wave in the air and greet Roccacaramanico’s guests.

Pic-nic in Australia

Lorenzo Kamerlengo
Stones on grass, cut grass (mulching).

In the seventies Roccacaramanico’s residents emigrated in Australia, leaving behind a deserted town.
Today, Lorenzo Kamerlengo gives the town a pic-nic area a few hundred meters from the belvedere.

Icona (Beata Vergine) [1] ― Icon (Blessed Virgin)

Matteo Messori
Travertine stone, meat poker, acrylic and oil on canvas, 38 x 25 cm.

Initially inspired by the transmutation of flesh and the division that certain cultures establish, this artwork, while being a reference to the Lady of the Seven Sorrows, praises the use of flesh as an element and its future absence in the world that awaits us.

Icona (Eremo fallimento) [2] ― Icon (Failure hermitage)

Matteo Messori
Camping tent, acrylic, oil on canvas, 38 x 25 cm.

The idea of this intervention was born from the studies about hermitages, places that were once built by hermits and are difficult to access. The exhibited work is my anser to the question: would we be capable of such quest today? Would man be capable of living in full solitude today?

Icona (A Carmelo) [3] ― Icon (To Carmelo)

Matteo Messori
Telescope, rose wood, acrylic and oil on canvas, 38 x 25 cm.

A tribute to a villager. An artwork that encourages movement in this conceptually static society. The fact that it is only visible through a telescope proves how far we are from the moral labour of long ago.

Relax al cimitero ― Relax in the graveyard

Alessandro Gabini
Iron wire, scotch tape and fire (performance).

After death, there’s plenty of time to relax and calmly light a cigarette.

The event takes part in “Accendiamo il Medioevo”, directed by Licio di Biase from the 2nd to the 4th of August in Roccacaramanico, with the partnership of the PescaraTutela association, Municipality of Sant’Eufemia, Roccacaramanico Association and Majella National Park.


Andrea Croce ― Curator
Licio Di Biase
Silvano Agostini
Enzo Del Giudice
Antonio Romano
Davide Grotta ― Musical performance
Teresa Licciardi ― Photography & Video
Michele Sablone ― Communication design and English translations