Unpae is a nonprofit group that operates in the field of contemporary visual culture.

Born primarily as a Residency program, now is a platform for artists, curators, designers and researchers of all kinds who come together to explore and develop new forms of fluid practices, inside of a frame where freedom to be and to make is encouraged, and where emotional bonds between people are built. During the years of activity a special sensibility for Performative acts, multimedia production and editorial practices has spontaneously sprung

The town of Roccacaramanico, located in the central-eastern Italian region of Abruzzo, on the Apennine Mountains, has been home to a Residency program for young artists. Residents have the chance to engage with the town’s unique landscape, and are welcomed by its people and animals to respectfully inhabit the place for a short time.

Even though the bonds with the mountain town are strong and the Residency program is the foundation of Unpae, most projects are carried on inside of a network of local, Italian, and European cultural operators beyond geographical boundaries. Unpae is in and of itself a project in the making, constantly questioning and redefining what it means to do research in contemporary art and visual culture.

Being a young and independent platform, Unpae is able to sustain itself and fund projects thanks to external contributions, such as grants and sponsorships. As a team, we are enthusiast to discuss new projects and help their production from a multidisciplinary perspective.


  • Regione Abruzzo
  • Parco Nazionale della Majella
  • CSV Abruzzo
  • Spazio pieno: Cantiere giovani
  • Associazione Roccacaramanico

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