Gabriele Zagaglia

With the contributions of Unpae's residents

Le stelle cadenti diventano cardi e i desideri si svegliano tardi

  • Curated by Unpae
  • A1 sheet Poster, foldable into A4 Pubblication
  • 15€ Including shipping costs
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The editorial project was created in collaboration with Gabriele Zagaglia. The idea is to recount the five years of residency through the memory of the artists and researchers who participated over the years. We believe that affective remembrance is a central element of Unpae, a feeling that transforms, the contours of the image blur and create different sensations with the passage of time. We asked residents for a spontaneous contribution that took on new forms and went on to make up the poster. The name takes up a nursery rhyme invented during the 2021 edition of the residency.

Contributions by Sara Ravelli, Jacopo Belloni, Alice Pilusi, Marco de Leonibus, Alberto Rota, Alessandro Gabini, Stefania Carlotti, Andrea de Liberato, Giorgia Garzilli, Lorenzo Kamerlengo, Chiara Druda, Lorena Florio, Francesco Alberico, Matei Vladimir Colțeanu

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